• Frequently Asked Questions

    • What does ceramic coating do?

      Ceramic coating is a chemical contains SiO2 silica which protects the car paint form acid rain, bird droppings and UV lights. Ceramic coating is also called car paint protection. Usually it lasts up to 5 years and protects the paint from fading due to sunlight and weather.

    • how to tell if car is ceramic coated?

      When car is ceramic coated, water beads off the car. Another sign is car is easy to wash, dirt and grim does not bond hard with paint and easy to wash your car.

    • What is the difference between wax and ceramic coating?

      Wax and ceramic coating both protects the car at certain level. Wax and ceramic paint protection both gives nice gloss to the car. But wax lasts a few weeks to couple of months where as ceramic coating lasts few years. Wax makes a soft layer on paint and some wax bonds with paint where as nano ceramic coating bonds hard with paint and it's hardness is much more then clear coat which is already exist on paint. Wax is lot cheaper then ceramic coating application. If you love washing car regularly and don't mind applying wax every few months then wax is the way to go. But if you want last longer and better protection but don't mind spending money at once then ceramic coating is the best choice.

    • How long does a full car detail take?

      Full car detail takes roughly 6 to 7 hours to a professional detailer. It includes full interior and exterior detail and paint enhancement polishing. It may take lot longer to detail a high end car.