• Wash-Clay -Wax


    Wash, Clay and Wax includes:
    1. Exterior Car Wash to clean exterior of the car.
    2. Clay Bar Treatment to remove left over dirt, grimes and roughness of the paint surface.
    3. Hand Wax treatment for ultimate shine and to protect the paint.

    We recommend Wash, Cay & Wax package to those clients who wants to make their car exterior look clean, smooth and glossy, at very low cost and best value for money.

    Our Wash, Clay and Wax is one of the most affordable exterior car detailing packages available near Hallam, Hampton Park, Berwick and Narre Warren car wash and detailing businesses.

    Our Process:


    Exterior Wash :

    Wash the exterior of the car to remove dirt and grim of the paint with 2 bucket method, Wheel clean and Tyre dressing.


    Clay Bar Treatment:

    Clay bar treatment removes leftover grime which could not be remove just by washing the car. Also Clay Bar removes roughness of the paint by removing dirt, pollution grimes and iron particles from the paint.


    Hand Wax Treatment:

    Wax is a protective layer of synthetic or natural wax specially made for the car paint. It also gives amazing gloss to the paint. We use high quality car wax and we use wipe on and wife off method. We apply the wax evenly with proper applicator pad and after some time it sets down, we wipe it off. During the set down period, wax makes a bond with paint and makes a very skinny layer of the wax on the surface of the car paint. Wax protects the paint for few months form UV light and stops dirt and bird droppings to stick hard with paint. Wax also gives hydrophobic effect!


  • Wash, Clay and sealant Wax $110

    Process Price
    Car Wash Free with this package
    Clay Bar Treatment$50
    High Quality Wax$60